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    GODS OF SNOOKER Part 3 featured Jimmy White (with me in the  background) on 23rd MAY 2021 – watch it now, here on BBC iPlayer.

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    10CC . . . Rubber Bullets (1973)

    Rubber Bullets (1973) wasn’t banned by the BBC but airplay was limited on release perhaps as it was considered inflammatory with The Troubles in Northern Ireland .  Here Eli Reiter for Esquire (2020) analyses the history of rubber bullets: Killing Them Softly: 50 Years Of Rubber Bullets, From Belfast To Black Lives Matter

    10CC . . . Dreadlock Holiday (1978)

    The Social Network (Facebook Movie) . . . “Jewish guys can’t dance!”

    3 the Hard Way . . . Hip Hop Holiday (1994)

    ‘I DON’T LIKE CRICKET. . . I LOVE IT!’ is a spec sync for Cricket Wireless:

    [Beyonce’s] Destiny’s Child/10cc: Independent Woman/Dreadlock Holiday by 2ManyDJs 2003 album As Heard on Radio Soulwax Part 2:

    10CC . . . The Worst Band In The World (1973)

    J Dilla’s final album Donuts [2006] is his magnus opus, a masterpiece. Two 10cc covers Johnny Don’t Do It & The Worst Band In The World feature on this album and are both of these are rated very highly.

    J Dilla . . . Workinonit (2006)

    The Roots & J Dilla . . . Workinonit

    Dwele . . . Workin On It

    10CC . . . Jonny Don’t Do It (1973)

    J Dilla . . . Waves (2006)

    10CC . . . Old Wild Men (1973)

    Diddy‘s . . . Old Man Wildin’ (2015) was first released in December on the deluxe edition of his October mixtape/album MMM, and the track featured Jadakiss and Styles P.

    In January 2016 it was remixed so as to feature fellow New Yorkers French Montana and Manolo Rose.

    10CC – I’m Not In Love (1975)

    Kelsey Lu – I’m Not In Love | Euphoria [sub-titled (legendado)] – 2019

    Goyte/10cc mash-up video – “Not Somebody That I Used To Know”.

    10CC . . . Art For Art Sake (live).

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