Friday Brown

Friday Brown (a.k.a. Marian Stockley) is a talented singer who was also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter with stage presence. 

I signed her in the mid-sixties and put her with Graham Gouldman and Peter Cowap, who were also in my stable, and where we formed the band High Society who released Gouldman’s “People Passing By”.

She recorded Gouldman’s song “Getting Nowhere“,  with Jimmy Page on guitar and George Martin (Beatles) as producer, in 1966.  This was released by Toni Basil as “I’m 28” (who later hit with ‘Mickey in 1982). Also, the original version of “Behind The Door“, later released by Cher.

Other singles are “Ask Any Woman” produced by Graham Gouldman with musical direction from John Paul Jones (later of Led Zeppelin), although perhaps her most enduring is “32nd Love Affair” (co-written with her sister) which is popular to this day in Northern Soul circles.

Here’s a link to a selection of her songs – The Friday Brown Compilation.

Throughout the sixties and into the seventies, she had plenty of radio and television exposure, and hosted her own television show entitled “A Girl Called Friday” for I.T.V. in 1970 and a six-part weekly show for the B.B.C. in ’72 eponymously named “Tuesday Night is Friday Night”.