Graham Gouldman

B.M.I. INTERVIEW – ICON AWARD –  18th October 2015

On 18th October 2015 at the B.M.I. Awards in London, Graham Gouldman was honoured as a B.M.I. Icon.  Here’s his acceptance speech which B.M.I. produced to commemorate the award giving.

B.A.S.C.A. – GOLD BADGE AWARD – 11th October 2000

On 11th October 2000 at the Savoy in London, Graham Gouldman was presented with the prestigious Gold Badge Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

This is what I wrote about Graham for the BASCA brochure:

My management of Graham Gouldman is one of the longest in the pop music industry.  Since meeting him in 1963, my life has been made richer in every sense of that word.  A musical genius who became my friend and the brother I never had.  He is a remarkable combination of talent whose skill one can only stand back and exalt in.

His love of music is a driving force in his life and the inspiration for so many wonderful melodic songs.

He has the extraordinary talent and versatility to write to any specification or to put a melody to the most complicated lyric.

His enormous success over the last four decades is today being honoured by the Academy.  I am certain that in the future he will continue to touch people’s hearts with the same regularity as in the past.  The world of music and our general society has been enhanced by his creative skill.  His contribution to our musical world is immense.

Induction to – SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME – 12th June 2014

On 12th June 2014 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York, Graham Gouldman was inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Graham said the following words:

Thank you so much.  That was a great version of our song “I’m Not in Love”, really blew me away.

Thank you so much.   Thank you to the Songwriters Hall of Fame for this very special award and congratulations to my fellow inductees.

I am so proud to be the recipient of such a prestigious and coveted honour and to be joining such esteemed company.  I didn’t get here by myself and although I wrote some of my most well-known songs on my own I have also been lucky enough to have worked with many wonderful collaborators.

I’ll begin with my late father Hymie who not only helped me with my lyrics but also came up with wonderful song titles like “No Milk Today” and the 10cc hit “Art for Art Sake [Money for God’s Sake]”.

And of course my fellow 10cc members, Kevin GodleyLol Creme, and especially Eric Stewart with whom I wrote so many of the band’s most famous songs, including “I’m Not In Love”.

Last, but not least, my dear friend the late, great, Andrew Gold who I miss dearly.  I had with him one of my happiest song writing partnerships.

And can I say also a big Thank You to all my friends at B.M.I.  Thank you!

I must also acknowledge my manager and de facto big brother, Harvey Lisberg who I met fifty years ago.  It is testament to our relationship that he is still my manager and he’s here tonight.  Thank you.

As I look around this room I see so many of you who have been such an inspiration to me.  Without you and particularly Jimmy Webb, I quite simply wouldn’t be here.  Thank you so much.  Thank you.

Ok, I’m going to sing a song!