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The Worst Band In The World (1973).

The Worst Band In The World (1973).   10CC was christened by  U.K. Records owner Jonathan King who in a dream saw “10cc – The Best Band In The World” on the hoarding of the Hammersmith Odeon.  That was the cue to subvert it to “The Worst Band In The World” . . .

J Dilla’s final album Donuts [2006] is his magnus opus, a masterpiece. Two 10cc covers Johnny Don’t Do It (as Waves) & The Worst Band In The World (as Workinonit) feature on his highly-rated album.

The Roots & J Dilla . . . Workinonit

Tony Christie . . . Amarillo (Sedaka, Greenfield)

Tony Christie . . . Amarillo (Sedaka, Greenfield)

I first met Neil Sedaka in 1970 on a visit to Don Kirshner‘s office in New York in a quest to find the next single for Tony Christie.  One of the songs he played me was Amarillo and I took it.  In November 1971, Amarillo became a huge hit all across Europe but, incredibly, rose no higher than no. 18 in the UK.  The post-millennium reissue mimed by Peter Kay was the best selling U.K. single of 2005 selling more than 1,000,000 copies and still the song resonates to this day: