Meeting Elvis

Early 1965 was Herman’s Hermits most hectic time, and after all that recording, filming, and an extensive U.S. tour, Hawaii was ideal for crashing out.  On arrival at the Kahala Hilton, I received a telegram from out of the blue saying “Elvis and The Colonel welcome Herman’s Hermits to Hawaii”.  So I responded to Tom Moffatt, who was THE D.J. on THE radio station, K-POI, and he set up the meeting with Elvis, the transcript of which can be read – here.

Barry Whitwam, Peter Noone and I went to the Hawaian Polynesian Village and we were ushered to a large beach hut.  Elvis arrived with his helpers who looked like beach attendants, all dressed in white trousers, no tops and sandals.  Elvis who was clean cut and polite, met us and we all bantered.  The Colonel greeted me and commented that I was a fat version of Brian Epstein – thanks!

I stayed in touch with The Colonel who loved to spin out tales of how he promoted Elvis which were always very interesting.

The last time I saw him was in the mid-90’s when we were in Las Vegas and we visited him at his home.

I’m not the only one who thought it was special to meet Elvis: