The Herd

The Herd were a complicated outfit.  They originally formed in 1965 and after many line-up changes within the band, Andrew Bown, (now in Status Quo), assumed lead vocals with Peter Frampton dipping in.

The situation with management was also ‘fluid’ . . . first Billy Gaff, then Howard & Blaikley (who wrote “I Don’t Want Our Lovin’ To Die” with Peter Frampton on lead vocals), next Andrew Loog Oldham, then me.

By 1968, Peter Frampton was a regular feature in teen magazines, but wanted to be recognized for his musical talent not just his good looks.

Mixed feelings about their pop-star status haunted the band.  After 3 months I withdrew my services because of personnel problems.  Then Peter Frampton left, co-founding Humble Pie, where he came into his own as seen in their cover of Graham Gouldman‘s . . . “For Your Love“: