The Measels

I managed The Measles, a Manchester band who released four singles over four years, best known for their version of “Casting My Spell on You”.  The B-side “Bye Birdie Fly” had similar driving R ‘n’ B stylings, but despite a strong sound achieved little commercial success.

Led by singer and harp player Stan ‘Red’ Hoffman the rest of the band consisted of Wyn Davis, Dave Earl, Ray Mondell and Jomo Smith.  The Mickie Most produced take on “Casting My Spell on You” in 1965 had them filming a promo for U.S. televison show “Where The Action Is“.

Their second single was “Night People” for which I co-wrote the B-side “Dog Rough Dan” with Peter Cowap and Stan Hoffman.

Their third single was the Mann-Weil song “Kicks” which was issued at the same time as the Paul Revere and the Raiders version who scored with the song while The Measles’ version got nowhere.

After their forth single they had a line-up change and brought in Paul Young, who I later went on to manage as the lead singer of Sad Café.

The Measles called it a day in 1968.