In the early ’80’s, it was suggested by Lenny Waronker at 10cc’s U.S. record label, Warners, that Andrew Gold (who was already known in his own right for songs such as “Lonely Boy” and “Never Let Her Slip Away“), be invited to join 10cc to inject an American flavour.  Gold declined the offer citing pre-existing commitments with Bryndle.  

Gold,Gouldman,Stewart (2)

Nevertheless, they did manage to write a few songs together which were recorded and released by 10cc for their 1981 album Ten out of 10.  These included the ballad “Runaway” (U.K. #50), the techno-pop parody “We’ve Heard It All Before” and pop song “Power Of Love.

By the mid ’80’s, Gold and Gouldman reconvened as the duo Wax achieving some success with hit singles “Right Between The Eyes” (U.S. #43) in 1986, and “Bridge To Your Heart” (U.K. #12) in 1987.

Gouldman and Gold continued writing together for many years and became very close friends.  Together they released 6 albums:

Andrew Gold passed away in June 2011 at the age of just 59.

He wrote so many fabulous songs with Graham Gouldman such as “Ready To Go Home“, “Don’t Play That Song“, “Don’t Break My Heart“, “He Said, She Said“,  “In Some Other World“,  “Hear No Evil“,  “Maybe“, “Wherever You Are“, “Baby’s Got A Gun“, his favourite “The Promise“, and many other timeless tunes that deserve to bask in the “Daylight“.